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Stamp office

The company Diamondgroup s.r.o. is duly registered in the list of entrepreneurs with precious metals in the Slovak Republic maintained by the Hallmark Office.


All silver and gold jewelry on the Gemsy e-shop is subject to inspection by the Hallmark Office. The jewelry is stamped with valid hallmarks here and in the European Union.

Responsibility label

This mark is assigned to each registered company or goldsmith by the relevant hallmark office. As a rule, the initials of the company are used, and this designation is the same, whether the company acts as a manufacturer or as a trader. Our liability label contains the letters SF placed in a rectangle.

What kind of jewelry is hallmarked?

All jewelry made in the territory of the Slovak Republic, which is made of gold, silver or platinum alloys, must be marked with a responsibility mark and, after subsequent inspection by the hallmarking office, with a state hallmark. The authenticity mark does not necessarily have to be on these jewels, but the manufacturer often adds it for better information.

The situation is more complicated with imported jewelry. It depends on the country from which the jewelry was imported. The Slovak Hallmark Office recognizes the hallmarks of some other countries, and jewelry with this designation no longer needs to be marked with a Slovak hallmark. These countries include the Czech Republic, as well as the states that signed the so-called Vienna Convention , and the countries with which Slovakia has signed the Agreement on Mutual Validity of Hallmarks. On jewelry from these countries, you can find either the so-called conventional hallmark or hallmark of the respective state.

Jewelry imported from other countries must first be marked with a responsibility mark and then submitted for inspection to the hallmarking office, which will mark them with the state hallmark.

What jewelry does not need to be hallmarked?

The exception is jewelry under the weight limit, which is 0.5 g for gold and platinum and 2 g for silver. They are not subject to the control of the hallmarking office, so they do not have to be marked with a state hallmark, but on the contrary, they are required to be marked with an integrity and responsibility mark.

Imported jewelry, which is under the weight limit, also does not have to be checked by the hallmark office. Therefore, these goods do not need to be marked with a state stamp. As a rule, however, there is a responsibility mark on it, which refers to the importer. And the purity mark must not be missing.

Want to know more? Visit the official website of the Hallmark Office of the Slovak Republic.